Go on, light a candle and pour yourself a drink

The craft gin movement is far from over and it seems like every week there is a new trend.

This time round there is a gin scented candle to light the fires of gin lovers.

The limited edition scented candles are part of the new limited edition release from Musgrave Gin.

There are two of these packs available and of course each includes a 750ml bottle of gin.

There is a black pepper and spice scented candle as well as a romantic rose-scented candle.

It’s as fragrant as the gin – you can light the candle and the scents from the spirit will waft across the room.

MUSGRAVEGIN 2591 - Go on, light a candle and pour yourself a drink
The Musgrave Gin gift pack with a gin scented candle. Picture supplied

And while you’re trying new things Musgrave has also released two pot still brandies.

It’s a nod to the growing trend and interest in dark spirits. 

Musgrave Spirits has launched Musgrave Copper, a range premium pot still brandies. 

It’s an expansion on the brand that compliments what they are known for – their gins.

And these brandies are not an after thought. In fact the spirits are quite good – considering this is a team known for their gin.

The range consists of a three-year-old brandy infused with vanilla and a 20-year-old/five-year-old blend infused with Zambian Black Honey. 

The Limited Edition Release gift packs are on the shelves from this month and includes the award-winning gins and both brandies.

It’s priced from R 250 – which means that this is the perfect buy if you’re looking to get Christmas gifts early this year.

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