How to get Kylie Jenner’s pout without lip fillers

Plastic surgery and none-invasive cosmetic procedures have become so popular people no longer keep it secret when they have anything done. 

One of the most popular procedures at the moment are lip fillers, perfect for those who desire the Kylie Jenner pout. 

lipfiller - How to get Kylie Jenner's pout without lip fillers
Lip fillers have become very popular. Picture: Instagram/beautyandlashes1

For those who want full lips but not brave enough to make a permanent change, there’s always makeup. 

Used correctly, makeup has the ability to make any temporary changes you want. Want high cheekbones and a pointy nose? Learn how to contour. Want perfect brows? Watch as many “Brows on fleek” YouTube videos. Want a flawless complexion? Find the perfect foundation. 

Even though these transformations need patience and practice to fine-tune your skills, at least you know that any corrections are a makeup removing wipe away. 

Want Kylie Jenner’s full lips but without the injections? 

Prep your lips

For this lip transformation trick to work you’ll need smooth, hydrated lips. This allows the other products to apply better. Exfoliating is essential to remove dry skin to create a smooth surface. An easy, homemade exfoliating trick is to brush your lips gently using a toothbrush dipped in sugar. After you’ve rinsed off the sugar, apply a moisturising lip balm.

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Create a neutral base with your concealer. This will give you an even colour base to work on. 


You’re probably a pro at contouring your face so this step should be a breeze. In the same way that you can make your nose slimmer or your cheekbones pop, you can make your lips appear bigger. It’s all about creating shadows in the right place. Using a slightly darker concealer, create a shadow just below your bottom lip and above your top lip. Then BLEND!

Cupid’s bow

We all love highlighter! Now you can use it on your Cupid’s bow as well. A touch of shimmer added to your bow will make your lip look fuller. Avoid gold or silver highlights and opt for more subtle “nude” highlights.


If you don’t have time to do anything else, overlining is a quick and easy step. Be careful to not go overboard though. You want your lips to appear “naturally” full, not completely unbelievably so. Find a colour lip liner that’s as close to your lip colour as possible. Start outlining slightly above and below your actual lips. 

The lines need to be drawn with a sharp liner to prevent a blurry smudged outline. When you’ve applied your lipstick be sure to blend the lipstick into the liner to prevent a harsh outline.  

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Nude lipsticks are great for creating an illusion of fullness whereas darker colours tend to make your lips look small. Add a dab of lipgloss to enhance your bottom lip. 

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