Ninow says he was 13 when he started using drugs

SABC News Nicholas Ninow - Ninow says he was 13 when he started using drugs

Convicted child rapist Nicholas Ninow has told the North Gauteng High Court that he was 13 when he started using drugs and that he was on anti-depression medication his whole life. Ninow is testifying on Wednesday as the court begins with pre-sentencing proceedings.

Ninow was found guilty of raping a seven-year old girl in the toilet cubicle at a Dros Restaurant in Pretoria in September 2018.

The court rejected is version that he acted impulsively when he raped the child.

His legal team will have to prove substantial and compelling circumstances on why the court should deviate from the prescribed minimum sentence of life in prison.

Ninow says, on the day of the rape, he had gotten drugs on credit from his dealer before heading to Dros.

“Instead of going to work, I went to Silverton and picked up drugs from my dealer who I managed to take credit from. He gave it to me on credit. From there, I went straight to the Dros restaurant and that is where I started my drinking spree. I was using khat and I wanted to use again in the toilet. The reason why I know that I was in that toilet is because I remember sitting down using first. I remember sitting in the female toilet and closing the cubicle door and using my drugs, I also had my beer glass with me. It is difficult for me to describe what happened at that moment.”


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