WATCH: The art of perfectly popping a champagne cork

There’s an art to perfectly popping a bottle of champagne. 

There’s no spillage, no fly away corks and the pop is subtle.
Of course it takes many of us some time to learn how to perfectly open a bottle of sparkling wine.

I used to be many of the uncultured wasters of the beverage, by shaking the bottle with in an inch of its life and then making sure that the cork flies away and there’s champagne spilled everywhere. 

Luckily, thanks to some exposure to classy people, I soon learned the error of my ways and developed an appreciation for correctly opening a bottle of champagne – which is to tilt it at 45º, and slowly easing the cork out until it feels loose and there’s a pop and some vapour. 
Of course there’s no "correct" way of popping champagne. Like with all things food and beverages, it is each to their own. Rules are not only boring, but they are made to be broken. 

Plus, why should we police how people open a bottle of champagne in the first place? 

So ahead of Champagne Day, which is celebrated every year on the third Friday of October, here are the many ways you can open a bottle of bubbly, which we found on Quora.
Popping It Well

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Certified Wine Specialist,  Christopher Chandler has tips on how to perfectly pop a bottle:

"Thumb on top at all times.  The twist on the cage should take 6 half turns.  Leave the cage on the cork! It doesn’t need to come off to be opened, and you will take your thumb off to do so.  Aim away from everyone. This includes your chin. Some people hold their face/head over the barrel of a loaded gun. I don’t, but some people do… You get my point.  Turn the bottle & cork in opposite directions. This loosens the cork. Hopefully, the pressure will pop the cork on its own. If not, now you may pull slightly on the cork. I like to do this with one hand underneath (the punt), and the other hand still on top with the cork." 

Making the cork fly
cork champagne flying out bottle very 82176 - WATCH: The art of perfectly popping a champagne cork
Champagne fan, Gil Silberman dropped some knowledge on Quora on how to make the cork fly: 
Rap the bottle bottom auspiciously 5–10 times against a solid surface like a table. This sends a physical shock throughout the whole liquid, building fear, anticipation, and gas pressure in the room, more dramatic and effective than shaking. 
Remove the wire and foil wrapper. Be careful to hold the cork in place with the towel and not point it at anyone’s face, you don’t want a misfire. 
Next the hard part. If the cork is tight, loosen it very slightly by gripping it with the towel. Once it’s a little looser, make a hollow circle between your thumb and index finger and cup it tightly around the cork, twisting back and forth slowly to loosen. I’d practice with about ten bottles. Eventually you can feel when it’s ready to fly.
Finally, gently, ease the cork out using the hole between your curled thumb and index finger as a guide and a mini gun barrel, so when it shoots out it flies straight without any resistance.

How to Sabrage

It’s the flashiest way of popping a bottle and takes a lot of practice.
So as you plan to celebrate Global Champagne Day on Friday, learn how to pop the cork perfectly. 

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