All the glitz and glam at the premiere of ‘Trackers’

The premiere of M-Net’s new drama series, "Trackers", based on the Deon Meyer novels, saw some of South Africa’s A-Listers turn out in their numbers in what many are saying is the biggest TV event of the year.

Taking place at Montecasino, the show’s cast was in attendance and they made sure to wear their designer best. 

But it was the gents who impressed in their black tie best.

Thapelo Mokoena wore a velvet tuxedo jacket, a hand tied bowtie and white framed spectacles. 
LSTHAPELOMOKOENATRACKERSPREMIERE1 1 - All the glitz and glam at the premiere of 'Trackers'
Thapelo Mokoena. Picture: Twitter

James Gracie (formerly Alexander) also looked dapper in a velvet tuxedo jacket and waistcoat, and a necktie. 
LSJAMESGRACIETRACKERS 1 - All the glitz and glam at the premiere of 'Trackers'
James Gracie. Picture: Twitter
While they were outshone by their male co-stars, the ladies also still managed to look good. Rolanda Marais wore a gold lame dress, with a matching bag, while Sandi Schultz rocked the hell out of her black mullet dress and had fun playing around the material. 

Trix Vivier wore a voluminous floral maxi skirt with a black fringed top.
LSTRIXVIVIERTRACKERS 1 - All the glitz and glam at the premiere of 'Trackers'
Trix Vivier. Picture: Twitter

The event kicked off with a performance by the Ndlovu Youth Choir who were finalists on "America’s Got Talent" and have since scored a record deal with Simon Cowell’s Syco. 

They had so many people who stood up, danced and clapped along during their performance. 

They performed "Waka Waka" and "Africa" by Toto. While their "Waka Waka" performance left much to be desired, but they won everyone over with their rendition and arrangement of Africa.

The event was hosted by seasoned presented and "Survivor SA" host, Nico Panagio. 

He invited Deon Meyer on stage to introduce the cast of "Trackers", which will be airing on M-Net from Sunday, October 27. They spoke about their characters, what they loved about being on the show and shared with the audience their journey on the show. 
LSDEONMEYERANDANITAMEYER 1 - All the glitz and glam at the premiere of 'Trackers'
Anita and Deon Meyer. Picture: Twitter

So after watching the first two episodes, I am convinced that this is one of the best TV shows we have produced in recent years. 
The one thing I loved, is how it’s also a love letter to the beauty of our country, showing off the many beautiful locations of South Africa.

The story stretches from Cape Town to Limpopo, and the locations chosen include Bo Kaap, Woodstock, the Cape Town City Bowl, the Karoo and the Beitbridge border. 

The scenes are beautiful shot and you can see that they paid a lot of attention to fine details. 
The authentic performances from the cast, who all make an effort in helping to make the character’s in Deon Meyer’s story come to life. James Gracie and Sisanda Henna show amazing range in their acting, while Trix Vivier makes a case for breakout star of the year. 

Without spoiling anything, there’s a scene she shares with James and a lone tear rolled off her cheek which left me with goosebumps.

Sandi Schultz, Rolanda Marais and Thapelo Mokoena, also give great performances and I can’t wait to see how their characters will tackle the challenges they face. 
"Trackers"" will prove that South Africa has an abundance of talent- from the writers and directors and to the actors. It’s beautiful to see actors tear into roles that are meaty, have depth and they reciprocate their appreciation by acting their socks off. 

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