‘He is Satan’: Widow reveals she and 20 other women were conned by same man

Cape Town – A 47-year-old widow from Mitchells Plain says she was done in by a Facebook Casanova who promised her a “godly” relationship, then took money from her and 20 other women.

Mom of three, Elizabeth Hector from Rocklands, says she now wants to warn women about Frans van Wyk from Upington, who she says “used” her and still owes her R500.

The distraught woman says she allowed a snake into her life after she lost her husband in January.

She says she was just looking for companionship, but Van Wyk “took her for a gat”.

After getting suspicious about all the time he spent on Facebook, she checked out his page and discovered “20 other women” who claimed he did the same to them, and even had sex with some of them.

114533236 - 'He is Satan': Widow reveals she and 20 other women were conned by same man

She says Van Wyk came to visit her three times in Mitchells Plain, and she paid the taxi fare.

He also asked her to buy him airtime and data, but what upset her most was that he “vreet up all my food” ("eats up all my food"), she says.

“He invited me on Facebook in January. I was looking to heal after I lost my husband and the prayers from people who knew us were so comforting.

“In June I accepted this man’s friend request and he inboxed me. He seemed very nice.

“I felt comfortable talking to him as I am from Calvinia and he is from Upington. We are both buite mense (outsiders).

“My three sons were accepting of this man.”

She admits they were “intimate”, and says at first he was really nice, but then became increasingly demanding about money.

“He told me he worked in a sandmine, but I later found out he is a police reservist,” she says.

“A few weeks ago I went onto Facebook as I was worried about him being on there all the time.

“He constantly sat online talking to people he said was family.

“I found 20 other women across the country he had done this to. One helped him with his passport, another he visited in Pretoria.”

She says they all started chatting and she has screengrabs of their conversations.

One victim said: “He and I had a long- distance relationship on Facebook. He asked me to help him with his passport and I did, he is Satan.”

Another said: “He took my money, borrowed my car and stole all my food. He also stole my heart and I lost my job. God will punish him.”

One woman inboxed Elizabeth, writing: “The week before he visited you, he was with me in Pretoria. I paid for his ticket and he ate my food and borrowed a lot of money. He is a vuil hond.”

According to Elizabeth, Frans is a snake who relies on muti.

“He told all of us his aunt is a sangoma and they must not mess with him. But ladies, I’m telling you today, block this man from your life,” she says.

The Daily Voice contacted Frans on his cellphone and at first he ignored calls and WhatsApp messages.

He didn’t respond to allegations about him being a Casanova and using women, only replying via WhatsApp that he “doesn’t owe anyone any money”.

Police spokesman, André Traut, advised the women to open cases of theft.

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