Why I am considering doing veganuary

Every new year I tell myself that I won’t be sucked into the hype of everyone doing resolutions and all that jazz. 

I’ve always stopped bothering with mine after three months. Besides, things happen and they end up getting you to either forget about or just give up on your resolutions.
But this year I want to do better. It’s a new decade, I’m 30-something and I can’t just go on without a proper plan.

First on that plan is making sure that I look after my health and that means cutting down on my meat and meat product intake.

A few years ago, this was going to be very difficult, simply because I love red meat, bacon and cheese. 
I never say no to ice-cream and double cream yoghurt is a true blessing from the gods. 

Now imagine leaving out all these food types from my diet for a whole month?  

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However, I have recently started incorporating more vegetarian and vegan-suitable food in my diet.

I started with the Linda McCartney range of plant-based sausages and burgers and I have since added the items to my weekly grocery shopping list. 
While you can taste it’s not meat, the products are really delicious. I have even convinced some of my die-hard meat eating friends to try it out and they were left impressed.

I got another one to try more brands just so they know how easily accessible vegan and vegetarian food is. 

Plus, you can use all kinds of sauces and flavourings to make it even more delicious.
I’ve been frequently adding more vegetables and fruit into my diet and cutting out dairy products and some starch. While it has been difficult to stay consistent, it has shown me that I can actually do it. 

The tricky part, though, is making sure that I stick to it and that means I have to start policing myself on what I consume, double and triple check if something has any meat by-products. 

Yes, I am going to be one of those people who ask if a pastry is egg free; whether they have alternative milk and also probably bring my own food to gatherings with friends. 
I will also be cutting out coffee (OMG) and banishing all high sugar beverages from my life. Tea will be enough for me, thank you. 

The great thing is that more restaurants and supermarkets are adding vegan produce into their menus and stores and I think this will help to normalise the plant based food movement to even more people. 

I also see that the part-time vegan movement around the world is growing, with some choosing to do VB6 (vegan before 6pm) challenges; how Meat Free Mondays has stayed popular over the years and some only having meat on certain days a week. 
I am looking forward to all the interesting recipes I am going to be trying out over this month. 

But first, I need to stuff my face with hot wings. 

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