Cops have wrong people, says mom of Emaan accused

Cape Town – Emaan Solomons’ murderers remain at large, according to the mother of one of the men accused of killing the 7-year-old girl in Ocean View last month.

The two young men accused of killing Emaan abandoned their bail application in Simon’s Town Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

The court heard that Eben Basson, 27, and Chivargo Fredericks, 20, both have previous convictions. One was out on bail for another matter when the shooting that killed Emaan happened.

The girl had been playing outside her home when she was hit in the chest and hand by stray bullets fired during a gang shoot-out nearly two weeks ago. Basson and Fredericks are charged with her murder, as well as the attempted murder of another man who was also hit, but survived the shooting.

117406323 - Cops have wrong people, says mom of Emaan accused
Emaan Solomons

The court heard that this case was classified under Schedule 5 of the Criminal Procedures Act, which is serious enough that they would have had to prove exceptional circumstances in order to be granted bail if they had proceeded with their application. Instead, they were remanded in custody for further investigation before the trial hearings begin.

Family and friends of the accused attended court and tried to have hurried conversations with the men as they were ushered downstairs to the holding cells.

Outside court, Basson’s family maintained his innocent and voiced their frustration with police.

His mother, Esther Daniels, said the police had the wrong suspect and claimed she had seen the real murderers. “The murderers ran right past me,” she said. “The police must do their work right. They must get the right people.”

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