Food in Motion Supports Alexandra Initiative

sagoodnews brandsa food donation - Food in Motion Supports Alexandra InitiativeIn an initiative called #Hope4Alex run by Rays of Hope, a non-profit company that has been partnering with the community of Alexandra for 29 years, Food in Motion has committed to donating fresh produce to support 50 families each week.

“Rays of Hope has a team of people who work on the ground impacting the lives of the less fortunate and most impoverished, and who are therefore currently vulnerable. Over the last few years, the NGO has also created a coalition with over 30 other non-profit organisations across Alex, who by working together can reach more people,” explained Sihle Mooi, Executive Director of Rays of Hope.

sagoodnews brandsa food hope - Food in Motion Supports Alexandra Initiative

Angelo Dos Santos, Director of FoodInMotion, said that the weekly donation of fresh produce will include a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit, changing weekly.

Mooi says “By the very nature of Alex – overcrowded and under-resourced – the COVID-19 crisis will have a massive and potentially disastrous impact. Among the hardest hit will be the thousands of unemployed people as they will not have the extra money for soap and sanitizer and cannot afford to stockpile. Also at risk, are people and children living in unsanitary conditions as well as the sick and elderly with limited access to medicine to treat their symptoms. Families with young children will need more food too, as the children usually receive a meal at school.”

“Rays of Hope is assisting in reducing the spread of infection between people by providing food and health-related products. While isolation is very difficult and medical facilities are limited, by providing non-perishable food, basic medicines, soap and sanitizers, they are able to reduce the need for infected people to go shopping for food and travel to doctors except in severe cases, while also enabling improved cleanliness and hygiene.”

“We have secured the required permissions to be out doing deliveries during lock-down. We want to provide hampers to 1,000 of the most vulnerable families across Alex. As at the 2nd April we have received donations for just over 50% of that target,” said Mooi.

To provide a hamper to a family in Alex, will cost R850, including purchasing, packing, and distribution. A list of what is included in a hamper is on the Rays of Hope website ( Companies and individuals are also encouraged to buy and drop-off the goods needed for hampers, although cash is preferred as Rays of Hope is trying to standardise the hampers. All donations received from a company will be eligible for BBBEE points and a Section 18A certificate can be issued for cash donations.

Donations can be made into the Rays of Hope account:

About FoodInMotion

FoodInMotion has been providing bespoke ingredients to a vast network of restaurants in the Johannesburg area, focusing on farm to table and ensuring freshness at all costs.


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