‘Trackers’ will be shown in the US thanks to Cinemax deal

South African audiences have enjoyed "Trackers", which first aired on M-Net and then Mzansi Magic. 

One of the most hyped local shows late last year, the suspenseful drama, which is adapted from Deon Meyer’s novel of the same name, didn’t disappoint. And thanks to a deal struck with Cinemax, it will now enjoy a new audience in the US as of Friday June 5, 2020.

Shot in Cape Town’s Bo-Kaap, Woodstock and Thibault Square, the location expands to Loxton in the Karoo, Swartwater in Limpopo as well as Beitbridge Border Post, Zimbabwe. 

There are many story arcs in play, while the main one centres on averting a terrorist attack by an Islamic group that the Presidential Bureau of Intelligence (PBI) agency has been investigating. Headed by Janina Mentz (Sandi Schultz), the search is aided by intelligence agent Quinn Makebe (Thapelo Mokoena). 

LSthapelo - 'Trackers' will be shown in the US thanks to Cinemax deal
Intelligence agent Quinn Makebe (Thapelo Mokoena) in "Trackers". Picture: Supplied

Meanwhile, Lemmer (James Gracie), a disgraced PBI agent who’s been keeping a low profile in Loxton, finds himself entangled in a diamond smuggling operation, where he’s duped by Flea (Trix Vivier), a seemingly innocent vet. 

Then there’s iNkunzi (Sisanda Henna), a ruthless mercenary smuggler in cahoots with the terrorist organisation PBI is looking into. He’s all about the flashy lifestyle, and he isn’t too fazed about collateral damage along the way. 

There are plenty of tense moments in "Trackers", especially with an unsuspecting Milla Strachan (Rolanda Marais) looking for a new start after leaving her abusive husband. 

An excited Gracie, said: "Beyond enjoying an exciting and compelling drama, US audiences are going to be treated to stunning visuals and soundscapes, the likes of which they’ve not seen before. Trackers showcases the vibrant, eclectic cultural mix that epitomises South Africa. The landscapes, cityscapes, languages and music make ‘Trackers’ a feast for the eyes and ears of international viewers.” 

Trix Vivier, who plays Flea in the series, added: "Thrilled that an US audience can share in South African Story telling at its best – through the thriller-political-narrative of Deon Meyer that so paradoxically exposes our cultures and underworld crime scenes.” 

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