LOOK: What influences Gen Z style in 2020

There are times when I look at how some teens are dressed and think to myself, “What the hell are they wearing?!”

The very same thing my parents used to ask about my friends. 

I’ve come to realise that I’ve turned into my parents and not, in fact, the cool mom I thought I would be. 

As a mother of two teens, I’m constantly amazed at the outfits they put together. The only time I now comment is if I think that my daughter is showing way too much flesh!

When I was a teen my style was greatly influenced by my favourite artists at the time. It almost gave my parents a heart attack, but 90’s Madonna was my fashion idol!

These days no one blinks an eye at female artists who wear skin-tight outfits showing each and every curve of their body. A look very young adults are copying. Teenagers seem to be moving away from those looks (with a few exceptions of course). 

More and more teens are opting for comfort. Gender-fluidity. Individuality. Repurposing. Not following rules. 

Yet there are artists who they look to for style inspiration. 

Singer Billie Eilish has been a great influence for those who might be body conscious or those who are don’t believe that what they wear is a sign of their sexuality. 

Eilish rocks oversized baggy outfits top to bottom. She makes this look work from the stage to the red carpet. 

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thank u oscars for having mee

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Teens love how their favourites are able to go from completely baggy chilled vibes to all dressed up and look cool either way. 

Wiz Khalifa might have that typical rapper look, baggy pants, baggy tops and statement sneakers, but teenagers are currently loving it. 

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Bad Boy

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Wiz Khalifa arrives at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Picture: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Yes, there are girls who still enjoy the more feminine looks. Who want to wear pretty dresses and skinny jeans but more girls are starting to move away from that.

Now comfort is key. Brands are no longer as important. Expressing their individuality through how they wear their hair, how they transform garments and thinking less about what their friends will think about their outfits!

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