Why a Y-Peeler is categorically superior to other vegetable peelers

According to reality TV host, Masterchef contestant and bush-catering specialist, Callie-Anne Gavazzi says a Y-peeler is an indispensable kitchen tool a seasoned chef cannot do without.

It seemed like a pretty obvious item to me; then again, as a food writer, I’ve been privy to this common knowledge and I can’t remember the last time I saw any other peeler in a professional setting.

Peeler2 - Why a Y-Peeler is categorically superior to other vegetable peelers
With a y-peeler, you end up pulling down along the length of it with your hand, as opposed to laterally scraping the vegetable the way straight peelers tend to work. Picture from Pinterest

I went to Twitter to run a poll and it seems my followers weren’t convinced the y-peeler was as good as the straight swivel peelers most home cooks use.

I have two things to say to this. The first is that if you truly love your straight swivel peeler and it’s doing everything you’ve ever wanted, more power to you – I won’t argue with that. The second is: THAT’S INSANE BECAUSE A Y-PEELER IS CATEGORICALLY SUPERIOR.

Unlike many swivel peelers, which more often than not have a blade on only one side, the engineered shape of a y-peeler is functional for right or left-handed home cooks. The wider handle, as compared to most narrow-handled straight peelers, means you can hold and use the peeler with less of a death grip, which is way more comfortable.

Peeler3 - Why a Y-Peeler is categorically superior to other vegetable peelers
Multiple grips are possible, depending on what you’re peeling. Picture from Pinterest

“It’s the starting point of most meals, so you don’t want to be slowed down”, says Gavazzi. “I use the Wusthof Y-peeler. It’s everything and more! It peels everything from a butternut to a mango, slices courgettes and carrots with ease. I don’t leave home for a trip without it”, she adds.

For something like a carrot, sometimes I usually hold the stem end in my hand and rest of the carrot’s tip on the cutting board. Then I’ll make quick lengthwise pulls with the peeler from stem to tip, spinning the carrot in my fingers as I go. It’s peeled in no time.

My guess is that, because of the y-peeler’s different shape, many people who are used to straight-swivel peelers have trouble adjusting. The technique is slightly different and it takes a little getting used to before you start to feel its power. But it’s worth it.


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