LOOK: Horse rescued from sewerage pit in Richmond

Durban – Rescue teams and volunteers pulled a feral horse out of an old sewerage pit in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal on Wednesday. 

This horse has been stuck in the hole for 2 days according to Pet Rescue Pinetown KZN who rallied up support to rescue the horse. 

Andreas Mathios, a spokesperson for Pet Rescue Pinetown KZN, said they were alerted about the incident by the Coastal horse care unit. 

"They had posted about it on their page and were requesting help. Rene Hoffman-Jensen saw the post and phoned me. I made calls and got the Gps location. Everyone jumped into action to go and help this poor horse in a hole. It has been a very emotional afternoon," Mathios explained. 

Durban Metro Police search and rescue, DUT Advanced Life Support, Pietermaritzburg police search and rescue, Karen and David and others from Waterfall Neighbourhood watch, Blue Angels community support team from Blue Security, and also to members of the Richmond local community assisted in the huge task.

"An A-frame was built above the 8M x 3M hole which was once a sewerage pit. A Durban search and rescue member Lee Bryant then went down into the pit. The horse was given a sedative. He then put a harness around the horses abdomen and the exhausted horse was hoisted up and out of the hole. The horse was extremely dehydrated," Mathios added. 

There were cheers and tears of joy once the horse was safely above ground! 

NDHorserescuedurban2 - LOOK: Horse rescued from sewerage pit in Richmond
The horse trapped in a hole in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal. Picture: Pet Rescue Pinetown KZN

The rescued horse is at the Coastal Horse Care Unit in Cato Ridge. The unit manager, Gill Olmesdahl named this filly Freedom. 

"She was warmly greeted by our resident rescues and she answered them in a very squeaky voice. She is a bit wobbly but fine. Sure the relief for her is immense. Without all the dedicated helpers this would not have turned out so well," Olmesdahl said. 

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