Second week of school online applications under way in Gauteng

SABC News online applications - Second week of school online applications under way in Gauteng

As the second week of the Gauteng online school applications gets under way, the numbers have shown that some schools are more equal than others.

Schools such as Alberton High School recorded over 4000 applications in less than 24 hours.

It’s no secret that parents want the best education for their children, with some private schools fees costing as much as R200 000 a year.

Most parents are choosing to take their children to public schools.

Gauteng parents are spoilt for choice from the more traditional to the modern technically equipped schools.

However the demand is high and spaces are few.

In less than 24 hours after the online schools applications went up, 3000 parents applied to Pretoria High School for Girls for 300 available spaces.

For parents the school’s academic achievement and its 117 years history is a big draw card.

Parent Cynthia Mokhari says:”The school is known for its academics, the girls here do exceptionally well which is something any parent wants for their child.”

Alberton High might not offer Mandarin as a subject but they have managed to produce exceptional results at a fraction of the price.

School fees cost R17 000 a year, while tuition at Pretoria High school for girls will set you back R40 000   per annum.

Former pupil at Pretoria Girls High Clara Classen matriculated at the school.

She went on to study drama. She has since made her mark in the entertainment industry featuring in local movies and soapies.

Cindy Clark an Alberton High matriculant says her former school has prepared her well.

The competition for school spaces is not only limited to former model C schools, township schools too have a draw card.

Unity Seconday School in Daveyton also received a high number of applicants.

The school has managed to become a centre of excellence, with 700 parents having applied, but only 150 grade eight spaces are available.

Unity Seconday School principal James Makhubu says: “When kids come here they know we are in an environment that has high expectations because our academics have been consistently high over the years.”

From the leafy suburb schools that cost an arm and a leg, to dusty township no fees for schools, education is in demand and parents will not compromise.

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