‘Uyajola99’ comes to an end for now

The last episode of season 3 of "Uyajola99" aired on Sunday night. 

Like the US reality show "Cheaters", "Uyajola99" exposed infidelities in relationships.

"Uyajola99" caused havoc when in started in May as Molemo Maarohanye and Moss Makwati took to the streets for a relationship clean-up. 

Though "Uyajola99" was slammed for being staged, the show proved to be a hit. 

Many took to Twitter to express their emotions about the show coming to an end.

Statistics revealed by  Maarohanye showed  70% of people who called "Uyajola99" for help were men who questioned their female partners’ infidelity. 

The ones who were confronted for cheating had their identity exposed. Maarohanye  said people who wrote to Umoja Love signed an agreement to have their identity revealed. 

Asked about allegations of the show being staged,  Maarohanye  said the content they produced was real and portrayed how people in townships lived. 

55528279IMG7974 - 'Uyajola99' comes to an end for now

Mashabela Galane, Moss Makwati and Jub Jub. Picture: Mambila Mageza. 

“The reason why we’re not on channels like other TV stations is that we’re not trying to hear from a white person to say ‘here’s a script, do this and do that’. For the first time in your life, there’s a black child that comes with a channel that shows every content that happens in Kasi. They portray black people’s everyday living. Now that we’re showing that they say it’s too much drama. When we’re showing the truth, they say it’s staged. 

"We’re from Kasi, they don’t know what we deal with every day. So when you see such content on television it’s real. That’s why I’m not going to entertain the media or anyone who says the show it’s staged. If they think it’s stage they must check our mail. There’s a procedure.  When we get there we ask you if you want confrontation. There’s also a follow up where we ask you whether you want counselling or not,” said  Maarohanye

"Uyajola99" will return to our screens for season 4 in December.

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