Joburg’s first gourmet chips restaurant, Tjips opens its doors

If you are around Johannesburg and you are a ‘tjips’ fan then this newly opened restaurant is for you. 

Tjips is essentially a gourmet tjips restaurant serving the ultimate hot tjips and mind-blowing toppings and sauces.

Founder and owner of Tjips, Jaron Meyerson says they are on a mission to give the city a taste of adventure.

He says their first food store is wowing the Eastgate Food Emporium and their fancy AF Food Truck which can be seen prowling around Johannesburg.

“We will amuse, entice, and satisfy thrill-seekers and carb-lovers alike with our wanderlusty approach to the culinary arts. What sets us apart? Well – it’s quite simple really: We’ve got more klap than slap,” says Meyerson.

SaucyAF - Joburg’s first gourmet chips restaurant, Tjips opens its doors
Saucy AF. Supplied

Asked how ‘Tjips’ came about, he says they were inspired by their travels around the world to elevate the humble slap tjip from an afterthought into the main attraction. Each dish is influenced by street food from around the world.

“Everyone loves tjips. Everyone has an opinion about what makes the ultimate tjip. However, there was no restaurant in South Africa that specialises in tjips. This was the perfect opportunity to fill a much-needed gap in the market. Tjips are also the perfect base on which to serve an eclectic mix our street-food inspired dishes and make these more accessible to South Africans”

“We are also aiming to make luxury food products (that were typically only available in fancy restaurants) available to the fast-casual market (eg: our parmesan and black truffle mayo dish… caviar on tjips served with champagne is on the cards for the second half of the year). The ice cream and sugar-coated tjips combination has been a taste epiphany for us and we are excited to share the experience with our customers. 

"Next week, we will be launching our next #TjipsOfTheMonth, The Joburger which is a smashed burger on tjips with the works and our soon-to-be famous cheese sauce (no bun). We will grow the menu over time by adding new sauces and will aim to retain the #TjipsOfTheMonth that are most loved by our customers,” says Meyerson.

SeoulFood - Joburg’s first gourmet chips restaurant, Tjips opens its doors
Soul food. Supplied

When it comes to cuttings, he says they currently serve a thick-cut, triple cooked potato tjip. However, they have plans to launch other formats of tjips like waffle cut, curly cut, sweet potato tjips and tater tots.

Meyerson says they have invested significantly in the development of the perfect tjip, sourcing specialist potato varieties from farms around the country, testing hundreds of recipes, using the best deep fryers imported from the USA, specifically designing their sauces and tjips dishes to perfectly complement the tjips.

He added that they will be launching three to five more locations this year with the next one at Fourways mall at the end of April which will be a shared store with Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream.

The restaurant’s classic tjips start at R29, fancy-sauce tjips are R44 and their dishes are priced from R69.

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Tjips is situated in Eastgate Mall and is open from Sunday to Thursday between 10am and 0pm and Friday and Saturday they are open from 10am until 10pm.

As from next week, they will be delivering via Mr D and UberEats.

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