Whites-only town to go ahead despite public opposition: founder

SABC News Eurika P - Whites-only town to go ahead despite public opposition: founder

The founder of Eureka says they are pushing ahead with establishing the whites-only town in the Namaqualand in the Northern Cape. Adriaan Nieuwoudt says this will happen despite public opposition.

An interdict prevents further construction.

Eureka is the second Afrikaner enclave in the province. Orania near Hopetown has been in existence for decades.

BBEEE and farm murders are two issues Nieuwoudt says prompted the establishment of Eureka. He insists they are not racists, but blacks will be prohibited entry.

Niewoudt says that Eureka also frowns on interracial relationships or marriages.

“Your child must carry your genes. Your child must look like you. I don’t think that’s a crime. I don’t want to insult others and I know a lot of people will disagree, but that’s their right.”

Nieuwoudt claims they have more than 5 000 members. Some 20 families currently live there, but they have space for 20 000 people on the 3 500 hectares of land.

“If we are barred from building it then it’s against the Constitution. This is more serious than people realize. We have this movement and we will ask all white to join and if they don’t want to, that is their right.”

The idea has been met with resistance from those who live in the area.

“Something that happens in this day and age must include everyone from all races. That is what democracy is about,” says one person.

“It can’t be right; can’t be correct! Because there will never be access to our people; because it can’t be right in the eyes of a common human.”

The local municipality recently obtained an interdict to prevent further construction at the farm.

Nieuwoudt says they have filed a separate legal challenge to continue work.


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