#DAManifestoGP: DA will win Gauteng on May 8, says Maimane

Pretoria – The days of one-party domination in South Africa have come to an end and a coalition government is the immediate future of politics in the country, DA leader Mmusi Maimane said on Saturday.

Gauteng was ready for a new government, a coalition government led by the Democratic Alliance and built on a foundation of its values. "I know the people of Gauteng want change. The latest polls in the province show that support for the ANC has dropped to well below 50 percent," he said at the DA’s Gauteng 2019 elections manifesto launch at the Saulsville Arena in Pretoria.

"And the reason for this is that the majority of Gauteng residents have already experienced a DA government in Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Midvaal. They know the difference the DA makes, and they won’t go back to the ANC. We will work with any party that shares these values of a market-based economy that creates jobs, a lean and capable state that delivers services for all, zero tolerance for corruption, and the upholding of the Constitution that guarantees its people their rights, including the right to own property.

"Change is coming to Gauteng… And our vision for South Africa – to put a job in every home – will soon become a reality in this province. We will do to Gauteng what we did to the Western Cape 10 years ago. We will clean the province out, department by department. We will dismantle the system that gives jobs to connected pals. We will end cadre deployment… And in its place we will put a government that is capable, caring, and corruption-free," Maimane said.

When Gauteng "turns blue", only the best fit-for-purpose individuals would serve in government. The Da would build a lean and efficient administration so that more public funds could be spent on the people of the province.

"When Gauteng turns blue it will have a caring government. There will never again be a tragedy like the one that took place under the ANC at Life Esidimeni, or where boys and girls drown in pit toilets at school. This province cannot be the Gauteng in the Miriam Makeba song by the same name – a place where our children die.

"Policy confusion in the ANC has meant our country will continue to limp along at 0.8 percent [growth]. Yet the president’s only plan is to nationalise everything. We need change not only here but in national government," he said.

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DA Gauteng premier candidate Solly Msimanga at the DA’s Gauteng 2019 elections manifesto launch at the Saulsville Arena in Pretoria. Photo: DA Twitter

"When Gauteng turns blue, unemployment will immediately start to fall, and we will put a job – at least one – in every home. We will open wide the doors of this province to investors, to small businesses, to entrepreneurs. It will become a place of opportunity, growth, and jobs. When Gauteng turns blue, it will become a manufacturing hub, exporting its products across the world. Let us make this province a Special Economic Zone with the incentives for job-creating businesses to come here and thrive.

"When Gauteng turns blue, it will have a government that is prepared to do whatever it takes to deliver economic freedom to its people. And that includes giving the people title deeds to their properties," Maimane said.

Gauteng would have a government that worked for the people and conducted its business out in the open. No tenders would be awarded behind closed doors, and no politicians would do business with the state.

"In just two-and-a-half years the people of Johannesburg and Tshwane have already seen the difference a DA government can make. In both these cities corruption, waste, and mismanagement are being rooted out."

Under mayor Herman Mashaba, the City of Johannesburg had created over 100,000 new jobs. "That is the DA difference. And that is what we now need to bring to this great province of Gauteng. Because if this province works, then our country works. And it will take a DA government to unlock its potential.

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The DA’s Gauteng 2019 elections manifesto launch at the Saulsville Arena in Pretoria. Photo: DA Twitter

"But to do so, we need you to do your bit on the 8th of May. Use the incredible power of your vote to kick out this government that has only brought you misery, suffering, and corruption, and replace it with one that can build a better tomorrow. And yes, it will be through a coalition government, because that is the immediate future of politics in this country. The days of one-party domination have come to an end.

"But as long as a party shares our vision for a country that works, a country that is safe, a country free from corruption, a country with secure borders, and a country where basic services are rolled out faster and to more people, then we will work with them," Maimane said.

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