Lee admits on #TheBachelorSA: ‘I’m falling for Jozaan’

This week on the romantic reality dating show, "The Bachelor SA," Lee’s connection for Pretoria-based lawyer Jozaan was reaffirmed as the pair shared a two-day getaway outside of South African borders to get to know each other better. Jozaan was presented with her date card during a no-makeup breakfast with Lee, that she shared with the five other remaining ladies.

Jozaan’s one-on-one date was nothing short of extravagant and romantic as she was whisked away to the beautiful vista of Zimbabwe, where the lovebirds enjoyed a magical sunrise helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls and shared some sweet kisses with the gorgeous landscape as backdrop. This was followed by a dip in the luscious pools of the Legacy Hotel group Elephant Hills Resort and later a daring jump over the Vic Falls, which Jozaan afterwards described as “the perfect moment". 

She added: "The water was below us, everything was quiet, no one around us, swinging in the air. It’s crazy!: For the last part of the date, Lee planned a sunset cruise across the Zambezi river, where Jozaan let her defenses down and told Lee exactly how she feels. "Vic Falls was on my bucket list for the longest time. So spending it with you was special. I feel really relaxed with you. I tend not to overthink when it comes to you, and you make me feel at peace."

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Lee and Jozaan’s connection is stronger than before – and perhaps gives her the edge at this point. Lee professed that he’s falling for her at the end of their date, saying: “To an absolutely beautiful woman and one of the best days that I’ve had in a long time and someone I’m falling for.” And of course, she received a rose, which he said came straight from the heart. It’s getting real!

Back at the mansion, while the ladies anxiously awaited Jozaan’s return, they bonded around a fire, sipping wine and talking all things Lee. One thing is certain – they’re nervous about what’s to come and the status of their respective relationships, with Jacqueline being the most insecure.

At the cocktail party, the ladies were dressed to the nines in full glitz and glamour, frosted with beautiful jewels from Jack Friedman. Lee arranged a cocktail-making competition for the ladies, starting with him making his signature cocktail, "The Bachelor’s sexy surprise". The winning cocktail was determined by the way it reflected the personality of the maker, and the creativity of the name. Jacqueline’s “Coisa Bonita” cocktail took the honours. Lee loved the fruity flavours, the gin and "the secret ingredient of love". The win earned her the most precious gift of all, a red rose – securing her spot in Lee’s heart for another week.

This was followed by a fiery salsa dance lesson from "Dancing With The Stars SA" champion, Marcella Solimeo. The girls enjoyed shaking it up, particularly Michelle.R, who was in her element. The ladies especially enjoyed watching Lee, who wasn’t the most natural dancer. "His hips are honest," according to Jacqueline.

IMG 6359 - Lee admits on #TheBachelorSA: 'I'm falling for Jozaan'

The rose ceremony was an emotional one, as any of the four girls left without a rose (Jenna, Michelle.R, Gina and Nontombi) could be going home. To their surprise, Lee had a rose for each one of them and asked them to all stay – and Jozaan wasn’t too pleased, "I understand that he wants to get to know everyone. I get that and I don’t want to push him to the point where he feels forced to make decisions. You have to know where you want to be at this stage, like whom you connect with, whom you don’t connect with. Why do you need another week before you can send someone home?".

IMG 625 - Lee admits on #TheBachelorSA: 'I'm falling for Jozaan'

Emotions are starting to run high as each of the ladies grow fonder of Lee and their connections run deeper. The race to win Lee’s heart is heading for a photo finish.

"The Bachelor SA" is screened on M-Net Channel 101 every Thursday evening at 19:00 and is also available on Catch-Up. 


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