#SAFW: Pops of colour in contrasting world

Fresh couture is very fashionable with local designers unveiling their luxurious Spring Summer 2019 collections at the home of South African Fashion Week (SAFW) in Sandton City.

Opening the first show of the season was Mmuso Maxwell, whose collection was inspired by the Maasai women and Tony Gum, a Cape Town visual artist.

35223849SS19Mmusomaxwell4 - #SAFW: Pops of colour in contrasting world

Mmuso Maxwell designs. Picture: Eunice Driver. 

“Mmuso and I are always frustrated that we are inspired by one thing so we decided to collect images and things that we like and put them on the wall. Funny enough what came out most was Maasai women, that’s why you see the colours and the pinstripes. Also, Tony Gum is one of our biggest inspirations,” says Maxwell Boko, co-founder of Mmuso Maxwell.

Amanda Laird Cherry also took to the runway to showcase her crisp garments that celebrate uniqueness and reflection.

“This season we looked within, diving into our extensive archive of creating a collection of things we love making. What you observe is a mixture of classic and traditional elements which are iconic to the brand, accentuated by contemporary and alternate updates,” says Cherry.

35327375SS19ALCWoman5 - #SAFW: Pops of colour in contrasting world

Amanda Laird Cherry garments. Picture: Eunice Driver. 

Palesa Mokubung of Mantsho sealed the first night of SAFW with a monochrome range inspired by two worlds.

“The collection is black and white with pops of colour and the theme behind it is about bringing two contrasting worlds. There is an underlying message that I cannot announce yet, there is a project that I’m busy with that speaks to this collection. I’ve never done a black and white and I think every designer needs to do a black and white collection at some point in their lives.

“But because I’m Mantsho I couldn’t do black and white only, I had to add some colour because my soul is very colourful. In terms of the looks, you find that distinctive worlds meet. This collection is for different types of women who are celebrated so you get your everyday wear and a few looks that are a red carpet but in a Mantsho way,” says Mokubung.

35430628SS19Mantsho10 - #SAFW: Pops of colour in contrasting world

Mantsho. Picture: Eunice driver. 

■ SAFW runs until tomorrow and showcasing tonight are Mini Scouting Menswear in Association with GQ, Keys Fashion and DUT “The Art of Fashion”. Visit www.safashionweek.co.za for tickets.

-The Star

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