Nescafé hosts International Coffee Day brunch

Every year, International Coffee Day honours and gives recognition to the people, from farmers to baristas, who are making noteworthy contributions to the coffee industry. 

For the past four years, Nescafé has celebrated the day by bringing coffee to the streets through a creation of social events that allow consumers to delight in quality connections together. 

This year, Nescafé will hold an exclusive brunch for celebrity guests and its consumers at The Stack Restaurant in Gardens at on Saturday, 28 September 2019.

With brunches budding into popular food and beverage experiences, Nescafé wants to take engagements out of the coffee shop and into the outdoor arena. 

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By providing a space where minds can meet and energies can be refreshed, guests will sit down, relax and truly enjoy each other’s company. The coffee brand will also offer an entertaining experience that will incorporate lawn games to stimulate quality connections while you get to know your competitor.

For the obsessive coffee lovers as well as those who are looking to learn more about coffee, this will be the perfect day for a Saturday wind-down. With their signature classic iced coffee drinks and interactive coffee tasting sessions with a Kenyan master liquorer, International Coffee Day will become the epitome of celebrations and good times. 

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The adventurous South African chef, Ayabonga Gope, has partnered with The Stack to curate a coffee-inspired culinary journey. Working in the lifestyle space, the private chef and Top Chef SA runner-up will add an exclusive food experience to the brunch.

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The brunch brings together creative experiences and sets a social scene where Nescafé is the key ingredient for a vibrant coffee culture. The café culture, as it is known, has grown in the past decade, with consumers demanding better quality coffee, coupled with lively social places. In hosting this brunch, Nescafé will inspire consumers to connect more while driving meaningful conversations and ideas about everyday life.  

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